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Once you realize you're not as cool as you think you are, you can relax and learn to like it too.


Being a noob



Mar. 29th, 2013

If I were a Dead Russian Composer, I would be Igor Stravinsky.

Known as a true son of the new 20th Century, my music started out melodic and folky but slowly got more dissonant and bizzare as I aged. I am a traveler and a neat freak, and very much hated those rotten eggs thrown at me after the premiere of "The Rite of Spring."

Who would you be? Dead Russian Composer Personality Test


Mar. 22nd, 2013

Dating is so fake.


Why DmC will be bad:
-Every game NT has bought out has been a mediocre trainwreck focusing more on cinematics because NT can't do gameplay to save their lives
-Every game they have bought out has caused the companies they worked to completely cut all contact with them
-DmC runs on the Unreal Engine, which is incapable of running these kind of games beyond 30FPS, as such the number of enemies on screen will be severely limited
-Tameem says the city will actively try to kill you. All footage has indicated it's all scripted. The city can't do anymore than that because of the framerate limitations
-Combat has been streamlined to hell, requiring no practice whatsoever to do with a combo button, a dedicated launcher button and 2 evade buttons
-Enemies are pants on head retarded AI wise and show little way in being challenging. They actually signal before attacking, with some enemies flashing before swinging their weapon and flying enemies actually having a visible firing line
-Donte's moveset is mostly Nero's combos with a few of Dante's signature moves copy and pasted onto Heavenly Sword's light and heavy attack system
-Style meter doesn't detect variety of combos, and is determined by damage output. Doesn't penalize the player for button mashing. Severely streamlined for the sake of 'accessibility.'
-Taunts removed because they're considered inappropriate for the 'serious and compelling story.'
-Tedious and useless platforming up the ass to pad out the lack of combat, meaning NT doesn't have to put much effort into keeping the levels fresh and exciting


Date: Saturday 9th 2012f June 2012 07:53:12 PM
Colorgenics Number: 0/2/5/1/7/3/4/6/

You feel that everything is going against you and you are worn out and exhausted by all the conflict and quarrelling. You are trying to protect yourself but at the same time you are hiding your feelings, hoping that by so doing, you can avoid exposing yourself to attack. Hopefully this will give you the chance to get on with your life. Nevertheless, you should be very careful to try to avoid stirring up any opposition which might endanger your plans.

You need an atmosphere of peace and quiet and you would like to share a bond of understanding with the 'right person' - you have the belief that with the right person, your stress and anxiety could be minimised.

Circumstances are holding you back, forcing you to back off and to forgo all the pleasures, fun and games for the time being. But this is only a temporary situation and before you even know it the situation could change.

You are pretending that the situation around you doesn't matter, but the effort of trying to conceal your emotions and anxieties is resulting in untold stress. The existing situation is disagreeable. You feel unwanted and lonely and you would really like to associate with someone whose ideals are as high as your own. You want to be above the standard of mediocrity and this need to be needed and that need to need has almost become an obsession. You are trying to magnify the need into a compelling urge. You would really like to tell the world how great you are but no, you are holding back because you feel that your peers may treat you with contempt. This is a great pity because you have in fact a unique quality of character, but the continual restraint that you impose on yourself makes you suppress this need for others and you pretend you don't really care. You treat those who criticise you with contempt. However, to be honest, beneath this assumption of indifference you really long for the approval and esteem of others.

It is strange that the anxiety that you are experiencing at this time is of your own making simply because of your desire to be respected by your fellow man and with those whom you work with. You are not satisfied. The normal congenial 'you' is becoming quite introverted. This is becoming increasingly more obvious because you seem to shy away from participating in everyday activities. You are refusing to allow yourself to become involved or to participate with others and it is the reluctance to communicate that is the inherent cause of your problems.


Apr. 16th, 2012

"It is emotions that allow us to take the various forms of knowledge created by rationality and make them personally important to us and give them direction."

Taken from: http://wayseeker.hubpages.com/hub/William-Wordworth-An-Unlikely-Prophet-of-Emotional-Intelligence-and-Brain-Research


Normally, I feel as if my heart were a shriveled little thing... but right now, I feel my heart is about to burst and someone poked a bunch of holes in it, colorful rays of love bursting forth through each opening.